Friday, October 30, 2009

The Smoke Shop

Let's start this next one out with a story, shall we?  One day I was minding my business, just doing my job, which is to promote and affect oral health, when a lovely hygienist I work with asked me to come back to her room to do an exam on her patient.  As I concluded my examination I asked this patient if he had any questions I might answer, as is customary in every exam that I do.  The patient replied with, "Do you know where I can find a tobacco shop?" I looked at the man quizzically and asked, "Seriously?  Did you really just ask your dentist where you can get tobacco?"  The man laughed and claimed it wasn't for him, but rather as a gift he'd like to give someone.  Never one to deny someone information, I informed the man that there were indeed several local tobacco shops along Lisbon street which I see every day on my drive to work, but that I would not recommend purchasing said tobacco.

Ok fast forward a few weeks...On my drive into work I noticed this sign in front of one of the local tobacco shops I previously mentioned.  I had to take this picture while driving so please forgive the angle and distortion:


That's says: "Guess what's new with nicotine?"  Personally, unless it's no longer addictive, doesn't constrict your blood vessels and is no longer included in cigarettes I really have no interest...

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